Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad BNP?

Billy Brit

Billy Brit is here to make the world safe for white children.

The British National Party are all set for their annual “Red, White and Blue” festival in Derbyshire this weekend, where bigoted xenophobes from across the UK will gather to celebrate such vibrant and significant aspects of traditional British culture as Morris dancing. Who’s up for it then? No? Doesn’t tickle your fancy? But you’ve got to admit, it must be difficult to figure out what to do on the weekend, knowing that you’re a spiteful bigot and will never be invited to any of the really good parties.

Various anti-fascist groups are already mobilising with the intent to storm the event in protest. While in some respects it’s heartening to know that there are people who’re willing to publically demonstrate their opposition to racist organisations such as the BNP, you have to question whether the protestors will actually do more harm than good. The inevitable tussles between protestors and police will generate reams of publicity in the British media, once again creating the perception that the BNP are a more significant political force than they actually are. It also plays into the hands of the BNP public relations campaign, which is very keen to portray the party as innocent victims of public persecution.

Does this pack of nitwits really merit the attention?

Everybody is scared of the big, bad BNP, forgetting that their actual base of support is miniscule and consists almost exclusively of three types of people:

A) Poverty row council estate denizens who are resentful of their lack of representation in UK society and scapegoat their problems onto immigrants and ethnic minorities.

B) Timid George Roper types who rarely venture beyond their own street corners and are troubled by implausible fears of being robbed, attacked or raped by dark skinned savages.

C) Socially inadequate middle class nerds who harbour secret fantasies of white supremacy.

It’s hard not to have a good laugh at the ridiculous BNP and their sad, deluded support base. The BNP would like to project an outward image of confidence, forthright views and social acceptability, but no matter how hard they try, this is one turd that just refuses to be polished.

And how hard the BNP are working to clean up their image! They are doing their level best to distance themselves from the bad old days of the eighties, when their support base was dominated by jackbooted skinheads and neo-Nazi thugs. Now it’s all about presenting a front of tweedy respectability, so as to draw support from the middle classes. The problems is, getting a bigot to remove his Doc Martins, stop shaving his head and wear a suit, does not make his bigotry any more acceptable.

The need for the BNP to disguise their actual agenda tells you all you need to know. Imagine! – White British Nationalists and proud – but for God’s sake, please don’t tell anybody! These people don’t even have the courage of their own convictions. They know their politics are vile and shameful. Their fantasies of white supremacy are only something they will indulge in private, like masturbating to fat girl porn over the internet. That’s the BNP for you – a gaggle of screwy white guys with some vague, half baked notions about racial politics, dressed up in PR and pinstripe suits, secretly admired by a half-arsed assortment of store clerks, old ladies, minor accountants, petty miscreants and various other losers. They’re about as threatening as a Spice Girls reunion. Herman Goering will return from beyond the grave and become mayor of London before the BNP become a genuine force in UK politics.

Some of the tactics employed the BNP to garner support in recent years have been laughably inept. Take the attempts to formulate a BNP “Youth Movement”. In reality, the only genuine youth movement that has ever associated itself with the BNP has been neo-Nazi skinhead gangs. But the BNP have actually devised a children’s character, Billy Brit (see picture above) in order to promote their bigoted agenda to the tots. Not much expense was spared to purchase a bog standard Soccer Boy Puppet and attempt to pass it off as an original character. Billy Brit then appeared in a series of hilarious YouTube rants, in which he spouted bizarre revisionist history and exhorted children to be proud of the achievements of the “white race.”

One of the funniest moments to be found among the vignettes was this suggestion of what ordinary British soldiers might be thinking:

BNP Soldier

However, according to the Sun newspaper, this is what this particular soldier had to say on the matter, when he discovered that the BNP had used his photo: 

“Former Scots Guards NCO Stuart Walker, 37, was shocked to see a picture of himself in uniform outside Buckingham Palace on a poll leaflet. Beside it, implying he would back the racist party in the Euro elections, were words criticising kit shortages and soldiers being “abused” by Muslims. Stuart, who left the Army in 1997, first knew about it when it dropped through a relative’s letterbox. The dad-of-two, now a corporate manager in London, said he rang the BNP’s offices to complain and was told to “fuck off”.”

It’s impossible to script comedy of this magnitude.

The BNP’s supposed “youth movement” even has its own “manifesto”. One of the more amusing statements was this one: 

“The BNYM will fight for the rights of our young people and ensure that anti white racism is resisted at every level.”

If you are a white person in Britain and actually believe that you’ve been a victim of racism, then seriously, you need to give yourself a kick up the backside. The BNP’s attempt to portray Britain’s white majority as some sort of embattled, persecuted underclass is so bizarrely far fetched as to warrant open mouthed disbelief. Of course, what the BNP really mean is that they want to return to the days when whites were privileged over every other ethnic group, and the wogs and the wops were all driving buses or cleaning toilets.

I liked the BNP better when they were openly, rabidly racist. Oh they were still a bunch of disgusting, loathsome nutcases all right, but at least they were up front about being disgusting, loathsome nutcases. You knew who your enemy was right away. These days the BNP employs enough spin to make Tony Blair look like George Galloway by comparison. They’ll admit to anything before admitting to racism. But everything the BNP ever says or does is qualified by that time honoured prefix, the one that gives a bigot away every time – “I’m not a racist, but…”

The basic idea behind all of the BNP’s policies – that there are fundamental biological differences in every race of people, and that these differences influence and govern their behaviour – is of course, total and utter hogwash. You could still just about get away with preaching this line in the first half of the twentieth century. But it’s done for now. Modern science has utterly refuted such notions. Or should have done, if the bigots were bothering to pay attention.

Through the study of genetics, we now know that the few minor physical differences that constitute racial characteristics are utterly inconsequential when it comes to determining the sort of person you are. Genetically speaking, you’re just as likely to have more in common with a guy from Lapland than you do with your next door neighbour in Grimsby. There are many factors that shape our upbringing and future behaviour – cultural, social and otherwise – but racial characteristics are just not one of them. A guy with an Indian or Nigerian ancestry, then, is just as capable of being “British” – insofar as “Britishness” is defined by a common set of cultural values – as is a guy of Anglo Saxon or Norman ancestry. As if anybody could trace such ancestry in the crazy mixed up world of inter-tribal breeding that produced the English people of today! Or any people in the entire world for that matter! We are all the mongrel scions of a multitude of long extinct tribes. Racial prejudice largely becomes impossible when you recognise the fact that we are all people of mixed race.

Not that the evidence of genetics or anthropology is of much use to the closet bigots of the BNP today. None of it fits into their narrow, preconceived perspective on the world, so they prefer to pretend that such firmly established realities do not exist. It suits their agenda much better to erroneously believe that different races can be safely categorised into particular modes of behaviour. It provides them with a convenient scapegoat for the various failures and disappointments in their own sad little lives. The reason the country has gone down the crapper is because a family of Paki’s has moved in down the street. Quite a leap of “logic” isn’t it? But reason never was the forte of your archetypal bigot. All that matters is that they have somebody else to blame their troubles on. Preferably somebody with a different colour of skin, so that they can easily be identified as the enemy and then stamped out.

None of this is anything new. Petty, hateful and meaningless prejudice has been the last refuge of the mean, stupid and dull for thousands of years. It goes on and on from epoch to epoch and culture to culture. It is mankind at his lowest and most despicable, with his incurable urge to find any loathsomely conceived reason to stand over somebody else and spit on them.

Behind the carefully spun image making and the half baked rhetoric of the apologists, the BNP is just the same paranoid, xenophobic entity it always was. And its followers are just the same misguided dullards, confused and scared witless by the notion that they are now required to share their world on equal terms with people who look slightly different to themselves. Behind every BNP supporter, there is a nostalgic longing for the days when a white man could stamp on the face of darker skinned peoples, raping and pillaging freely across the globe, and not be labelled a genocidal maniac for it.

But it would be a sad day in Britain if there was no more BNP. There’s too much sport to be had in mocking the preposterous notions they have about the country in which they live. 


One Response to Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad BNP?

  1. Bizzarro Wurld says:

    Britain better man-up soon and deport the muslims or everything else they worry about won’t matter. The barbarians are in their gates.

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