Dali Grand Inquisitor

The Inquisitor is the work of Robert Davison, a 32 year old writer and blogger currently based in Perth, Australia. He can be contacted here: robhiphop@yahoo.com.

The Inquisitor is a cynic’s take on culture and current affairs. For the author’s take on football, visit our sister blog: El Juego – Analysing the Beautiful Game.

The Inquisitor logo graphics design is thanks to the fine work of bombaman.

15 Responses to About

  1. alejandra says:

    HOla Rob!! Esta muy buena tu pagína.. Saludos!!

  2. robertod says:

    Hola Alejandra – gracias para tu cumplimiento. Saludos a vos!

  3. Daimo says:

    Hi Rob

    Great blog mate.

    I reckon I have discovered the secret of how you have gained such broad knowledge and insight – judging by your pic you have ovbiously been travelling through time in that Delorean on a Bill & Ted-esque adventure! 😀

    Keep up the good work.



    • robertod says:

      Heh, heh – the truth is now out. Might have to cancel that trip to the 16th century Ottoman harem I had planned for this weekend and get the Delorean into hiding.

  4. shekdown says:

    Good blog mate. I didnt know you had one up and running till I checked out one of your older posts on PESfan and noticed a change in your signature.

    Expect me to be a regular here. Keep up the good work.

  5. robertod says:

    Cheers mate – good to hear from you again. So how’s things going over in the land of PESFan?

  6. shekdown says:

    Things at PESfan arent very bright, but certainly isnt dull. It still passes my time like no other but there has been a severe lack of serious topics and proper discussions of late. I guess they were dying down about the time before you left, itself. It might be nice to have you back there and post more often as well. The members certainly havent forgotten you.

  7. matias says:

    esta copada tu pajina robert la posta es que no entiendo mucho el ingles pero lo poco que entendi me gusto un saludo

  8. S. Pope says:

    Only one comment: your book section is a little thin, man, although I thought “Palmer Eldritch” was a distinguished choice for the subject of your opening book review. (I left a long response.)

    But for someone who has titled their blog “The Grand Inquisitor,” I would think some consideration of the Dostoevsky text would be in order. It allows for much interpretation.

    Did you know that “The Grand Inquisitor” is Laura Bush’s favorite “book”? (So she told the press.) Maybe it’s not too late to change the name of the blog….

  9. robertod says:

    There will be more book reviews at some point in the future. The blog is only 3 1/2 months old at this point, and it’s really matter of finding the time to write about all the stuff I would like to write about. I think it’s quite likely I’ll be taking a look at Dostoevsky at some point or other as well.

    I didn’t know that Laura Bush was into Dostoevsky. That’s pretty funny actually. I wonder how she reconciles her husband’s rigid, simplistic views on the nature of “good” and “evil” with the moral uncertainty to be found in The Grand Inquisitor.

  10. S. Pope says:

    One of the few virtues of the year 2009 is that we no longer have to talk much about George Bush.

    The Laura Bush-Grand Inquisitor connection is a bizarre factoid that makes you wonder if it could possibly be true. The throughly Russian world of Fyador Dostoevsky, in which hyper-committed intellectuals fulminate furiously about the human condition, seems to me nearly un-American. It’s certainly un-Texan, as George Bush might understand the term.

    I also like the fact that the story contains a trademark Bush malapropism–Laura says that “The Grand Inquisitor” is her favorite book, except that it’s not a book.

    Bush was arguably the most anti-intellectual of American leaders, and that’s an achievement. And yet in 2006 he let it be known that he and his chief of staff were engaged in a book reading contest, and that by August the President was ahead with 66 books read! So, to dispel the general view that he was intellectually lazy and never resorted to book learning, Bush put out the line that, No, he read MORE books than anybody else! You can’t make this stuff up.

    Laura Bush, on the other hand, is a librarian by trade. (True story.) She shouldn’t be saddled with the crushing burden of her husband’s truly massive misdeeds, or his comic foolishness. Although it must be said that, from the outside at least, it doesn’t look like she helped much.

    I close with one more Bush intellectualism, one which was reported in the British press (and later denied by all the parties concerned): During the run-up to the Iraq War in early 2003, Bush and Blair met to discuss how to get the UN to support their impending invasion of Iraq. They started dissing France: how lame the French are, how lousy their economy is, etc. At which point Bush says, “The problem with the the French is that the French language has no word for ‘entrepreneur’.”

    True story?

  11. shekdown says:

    You should write about foreign ownership in the EPL.

  12. Timotheus says:

    Enough Bush bashing. You guys are running late on the Bush-eclipsing disaster called Obama. Just because you have a blog named after a Dostoevsky reference does not mean we all consider you a genius. I know you must think you are much smarter than George Bush because you read Dostoevsky, but he ran a country and you run a tiny blog….you lose.

    • robertod says:

      Oooh Look! There’s still a Bush supporter out there! How charmingly quaint! And he’s even using the steroidal jock language of the college football locker to stick up for his beloved ex-Pres (You Lose Man!). Actually, wasn’t it the Republicans who lost? In the last election that is? Hmmm.

      Apparently, for the likes of Timotheus, running a country in itself merits applause. Once you’re at the top, you can do no wrong. Yep, George Bush ran a country. So did Pol Pot, Idi Amin and Papa Doc Duvalier for that matter. Glad to see that Doubleya has joined the ranks of those “winners”.

      But yeah, remarkably enough – even though he embroiled his country in two utterly useless wars resulting in the pointless deaths of over a million people, directed the world’s richest economy into a sewer from which it may never recover, and basically did his level best to destroy the country he was entrusted to govern – there are still a few benighted souls out there who are prepared to endorse the credentials of their beloved Texan fucktard, George Doubleya.

      There’s only one possible explanation for this. You, Timotheus, have become sexually attracted to your ex-President. The thought of Doubleya ordering the carpet bombing of Iraqi civilians in that gramatically awkward, Texas drawl of his, sends the blood rushing down to that angry inch you flatter yourself by describing as a pecker. You lay awake at night, hot and flustered, consumed by thoughts of what Bush and Cheney might have gotten up to in the secrecy of the oval office. You collect photos of devastated Afghan villages and, flushed with shame, spend furtive moments of fevered self gratification with them.

      Yes, Timotheus – you’ve good reason to feel ashamed. You’re a manky, decrepit little pervert, and if you have any sense of honour at all, you’ll kill yourself now and rid the world of your pusillanimous pestilence.

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