Walking Ghosts: Obama Steps up Nuclear Threat

October 15, 2010

“The walking ghost phase of radiation poisoning is a period of apparent health, lasting for hours or days, following an acute dose of radiation. As its name would suggest, the walking ghost phase is followed by certain death.”

Webster’s Online Dictionary

When the Cold War ended with the dissolution of the Soviet Union back in 1991, it was supposed to signify that the threat of nuclear holocaust was over. No longer would the world suffer under the consciousness that nuclear extermination might occur at any moment. Little did we suspect that, like the walking ghost phase of radiation poisoning, the illusion of safety was but a temporary reprieve; that the use of nuclear weapons would again become not only a renewed possibility, but even quite likely. Recent noises emanating from The White House regarding the issue of Iran’s continued uranium enrichment, in which the Obama administration has refused to rule out the option of a preventive nuclear strike against Iran, have brought the threat of nuclear warfare closer to home than at any other time since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Perhaps the end of the Cold War was really nothing other than the walking ghost phase of the nuclear threat, a temporary respite before impending death.

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John Bolton Excited by Prospect of Nuking Iran

October 16, 2009
john bolton

Neo-con lunatic John Bolton urges Israel to launch preventive nuclear strike

“John Bolton is the kind of man whom I would want to stand at Armageddon, or what the Bible describes as the final battle between good and evil”

    – Former US Senator and arch-conservative crackpot, Jesse Helms

Good old John R. Bolton. Everybodys’ favourite bushy-lipped neo-con psychopath has just gone on the record to state that the only way to stop Iran getting nuclear weapons is for Israel to go ahead and nuke the shit out of them. The way he see’s it, containing a nuclear armed Iran is simply out of the question, so Israel better hurry up and do it now, before those demented Persians get their hands on an A-bomb and hit the button first. Y’see, in the deformed thought processes that pass for sound reason in the fevered, bloodthirsty neo-con nerd fantasies of a man like John Bolton, all roads lead to nuclear mayhem. Talk like this would’ve had even Dr. Strangelove peddling his wheelchair furiously towards the fire exit. Does Bolton have a hard-on for the A-bomb or what? What is it JR?  Is the thought of unleashing the destructive power of all those big, hard, 10 metre tall nuclear cocks getting you all hot and bothered?

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Iran: So Are They Gonna Get The Bomb?

September 16, 2009

Iran Bomb

On October 1, Iranian negotiators are set to meet with representatives from six nations (the US, UK, France, Germany, Russia and China) to address concerns over Iran’s uranium enrichment program. This comes to a backdrop of Iran already stating their refusal to suspend any such program – which it stresses is strictly for civilian energy purposes – while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lobbies the international community for stricter sanctions against the Persian nation. As far as the US and Israel are concerned, there is no question that Iran is seeking to develop nuclear weapons, although rather pointedly, they have yet to present any evidence that this is the case.  Amid the atmosphere of mutual distrust and recrimination, it appears  likely that the opposing parties will leave the conference in much the same stance that they went in: deadlocked over the issue of Iran’s uranium enrichment and firmly convinced that there is no common point of consensus. All too predictably, the ominous possibility of military conflict – with all the dire consequences for the world that this might entail – looms in the background. But the means for a diplomatic resolution are readily at hand – if pursued seriously. As the six nations approach negotiations with Iran, the wider issues contributing to a new and ever more dangerous era of nuclear proliferation for the world are going unaddressed.

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The Man Who Stopped the Doomsday Clock

August 28, 2009

Nuclear Explosion

Over here at The Grand Inquisitor towers we tend to have a rather sardonic take on world affairs. Human history is essentially the history of manipulation, exploitation and violence. Amid the cast of murderers, bandits, despots and slaves who have thus far constituted much of the human race, there hasn’t been a hell of a lot of people who’ve really been worth celebrating. If you had to divide humanity into two, broad categories, the only honest labels you could apply would be “evil” or “mediocre”. Or bullies and their victims, if you prefer. Genuine heroes are about as commonplace as Methodist Christians in South Waziristan. Every now and then, however, you stumble across a figure who really is quite commendable. The handful who actually wrote a decent book or produced some worthwhile music, maybe. Or take the subject of today’s article, Vasiliy Alexandrovich Arkhipov, who pretty much saved the entire planet from apocalyptic destruction, Superman style. Normally, world saving scenarios just don’t take place outside of comic books. But back in October 1962, at the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis,  with the doomsday clock just seconds to midnight, something like a comic book scenario actually did take place. The funny thing is, very few people appreciate just how close us human beings came to wiping ourselves out, or that a guy called Vasiliy Andropov saved the world.

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Afghan Elections: Your Guide to the Cast of Villains

August 19, 2009

Afghan Election

Afghanistan’s second “democratic” election is scheduled to take place tomorrow (20 August, 2009).  It’s largely a sham, however, when you consider that the elected government will have little genuine jurisdiction outside the capital of Kabul. Out in the provinces – the vast majority of the country in other words – the rule of the Taliban still holds sway. Within the narrow confines of the capital,  the government will have little room to institute any kind of meaningful reform. Afghanistan has long since become a bloody battleground, contested between the US led Coalition forces and the Taliban insurgency, with the Kabul based government shunted off to the side in a position of powerless irrelevance. The Afghan government has become little more than a front for wholesale corruption, while various former Warlords, gangsters and other bandits pick over the bones of the ravaged nation.

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Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad BNP?

August 14, 2009
Billy Brit

Billy Brit is here to make the world safe for white children.

The British National Party are all set for their annual “Red, White and Blue” festival in Derbyshire this weekend, where bigoted xenophobes from across the UK will gather to celebrate such vibrant and significant aspects of traditional British culture as Morris dancing. Who’s up for it then? No? Doesn’t tickle your fancy? But you’ve got to admit, it must be difficult to figure out what to do on the weekend, knowing that you’re a spiteful bigot and will never be invited to any of the really good parties.

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Prominent Nitwit Says “Send More Troops Australia”

August 13, 2009
Michael O'Hanlon wants to advise Australians on the Afghan War

Michael O'Hanlon wants to advise Australians on the Afghan War

In an article reported in the New Zealand Herald, prominent American foreign policy analyst Michael O’Hanlon has advised Australia to step up its military presence in Afghanistan. According to O’Hanlon: “If America can muster 200,000 troops for two wars, a country of Australia’s size should proportionately be able to find 5,000 troops.” Apparently, O’Hanlon has totally missed an issue that many Australians appear to find much more pertinent: just what the hell are Australian troops doing in Afghanistan in the first place?

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US Ignores Hamas Olive Branch

August 4, 2009


As reported in the Wall Street Journal, Hamas Chief Khaled Meshaal has stated his willingness to co-operate with the US in achieving a peaceful resolution to the ongoing Palestine-Israel conflict. If the US can convince Israel to freeze its settlement expansion into occupied territory and repeal the economic and military blockade of the Gaza Strip, then Hamas will be willing to come to the table and accept a peace agreement. All too predictably, however, the official White House response was to restate its refusal to engage with Hamas in diplomatic negotiations, which it views as a terrorist organisation.

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The World’s Most Sinister Organisations

July 26, 2009


It’s a dangerous world out there. Everywhere across the globe, there are various organisations dedicated to pursuing all manner of sinister agendas. Agendas of political upheaval, religious fanaticism, disruption, terrorism, profit and self interest. Agendas that are pursued with a total disregard for the safety and well being of people like you and me – the little people. Read ahead at your caution: you’ll sleep easier in your bed if you’ve never heard anything about these guys. Ruthless people who will stop at nothing to achieve their mysterious purposes. By no means a definitive list of the organisations that go bump in the night, here is a synopsis of just 13 of the World’s Most Sinister Organisations:

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Failed Adventurism: The Unwinnable Afghan War

July 22, 2009


One of incoming US President Barack Obama’s first foreign policy decisions was to announce plans to scale down the US military presence in Iraq, until all troops had been withdrawn by 2011. It was official recognition, at last, of the previous White House Administration’s failed policy of adventurism in the tormented Middle Eastern nation. But even as US troops began pulling out of the Gulf, plans to scale up the military presence in the other theatre of war were already underway. The number of US troops stationed in Afghanistan has already increased dramatically, from 39,000 to 57,000 since the beginning of 2009. The number is expected to rise to 68,000 later in the year, with some prognosticators claiming an eventual target of 134,000 US troops stationed in the region. The scaling up of the war comes to the backdrop of a deteriorating situation of lawlessness in Afghanistan, with attacks on Coalition forces rising dramatically over the past year. Fifty casualties so far in July make it the deadliest month for the Coalition yet.

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