Carrousel d’amour: La ronde Review

October 7, 2009

La Ronde

An irreverent, knowing look at casual sexual desire and infidelity in turn of the century Vienna, Max Ophul’s La ronde is a witty, frivolous bit of cinematic confection, realised in exquisite style, if ultimately somewhat inconsequential. Based on Arthur Schnitzler’s scandalous fin de siècle play Reigen, La ronde is surprisingly risque for its 1950 release date, being far more boldly suggestive than the Hollywood pictures typical of the era. Although less openly graphic than most contemporary movies, La ronde’s flippantly acquiescent stance towards promiscuous adultery still feels rather daring.

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Kubrick’s Final Masterpiece: Eyes Wide Shut Review

July 16, 2009

Eyes Wide Shut Mask

Perhaps the most fervently anticipated “art house” flick in movie history, Eyes Wide Shut was the subject of a monstrous level of tabloid gossip and industry speculation in the months (and years) leading up to its release. Director Stanley Kubrick had become a myth in his own time, a film making genius of intimidating reputation, capable of inspiring awe throughout the movie industry. Kubrick’s status as a media recluse and the whirlwind of hearsay and media speculation that followed in his wake only served to enhance his aura; he was characterised as a mysterious eccentric, an obsessive perfectionist who was somehow capable of defying Hollywood to make a series of iconoclastic movies on nobodies’ terms but his own.

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