John Bolton Excited by Prospect of Nuking Iran

October 16, 2009
john bolton

Neo-con lunatic John Bolton urges Israel to launch preventive nuclear strike

“John Bolton is the kind of man whom I would want to stand at Armageddon, or what the Bible describes as the final battle between good and evil”

    – Former US Senator and arch-conservative crackpot, Jesse Helms

Good old John R. Bolton. Everybodys’ favourite bushy-lipped neo-con psychopath has just gone on the record to state that the only way to stop Iran getting nuclear weapons is for Israel to go ahead and nuke the shit out of them. The way he see’s it, containing a nuclear armed Iran is simply out of the question, so Israel better hurry up and do it now, before those demented Persians get their hands on an A-bomb and hit the button first. Y’see, in the deformed thought processes that pass for sound reason in the fevered, bloodthirsty neo-con nerd fantasies of a man like John Bolton, all roads lead to nuclear mayhem. Talk like this would’ve had even Dr. Strangelove peddling his wheelchair furiously towards the fire exit. Does Bolton have a hard-on for the A-bomb or what? What is it JR?  Is the thought of unleashing the destructive power of all those big, hard, 10 metre tall nuclear cocks getting you all hot and bothered?

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Iran: So Are They Gonna Get The Bomb?

September 16, 2009

Iran Bomb

On October 1, Iranian negotiators are set to meet with representatives from six nations (the US, UK, France, Germany, Russia and China) to address concerns over Iran’s uranium enrichment program. This comes to a backdrop of Iran already stating their refusal to suspend any such program – which it stresses is strictly for civilian energy purposes – while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lobbies the international community for stricter sanctions against the Persian nation. As far as the US and Israel are concerned, there is no question that Iran is seeking to develop nuclear weapons, although rather pointedly, they have yet to present any evidence that this is the case.  Amid the atmosphere of mutual distrust and recrimination, it appears  likely that the opposing parties will leave the conference in much the same stance that they went in: deadlocked over the issue of Iran’s uranium enrichment and firmly convinced that there is no common point of consensus. All too predictably, the ominous possibility of military conflict – with all the dire consequences for the world that this might entail – looms in the background. But the means for a diplomatic resolution are readily at hand – if pursued seriously. As the six nations approach negotiations with Iran, the wider issues contributing to a new and ever more dangerous era of nuclear proliferation for the world are going unaddressed.

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US Ignores Hamas Olive Branch

August 4, 2009


As reported in the Wall Street Journal, Hamas Chief Khaled Meshaal has stated his willingness to co-operate with the US in achieving a peaceful resolution to the ongoing Palestine-Israel conflict. If the US can convince Israel to freeze its settlement expansion into occupied territory and repeal the economic and military blockade of the Gaza Strip, then Hamas will be willing to come to the table and accept a peace agreement. All too predictably, however, the official White House response was to restate its refusal to engage with Hamas in diplomatic negotiations, which it views as a terrorist organisation.

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Desert Storm Detritus: Part 2 / 3

July 11, 2009


Hussein’s sudden decisiveness in taking military action against Kuwait clearly took the US Administration by surprise. In fact, most of the top White House officials, including George Bush himself, were absent on other business on the day the invasion was launched. The decision to respond perhaps came with the realisation that control over Kuwait placed Hussein’s armies within direct striking distance of Saudi Arabia’s rich north-eastern oil fields. If Hussein decided to expand his invasion into Saudi territory, it would place him in direct control of a majority of the world’s oil reserves. Such an upset in the balance of power in the Middle East was not to be countenanced. Within a matter of days, US President George Bush announced US intent to launch a “wholly defensive” mission in the Middle East. On August 7, 1990, US troops began deploying in Saudi Arabia. The first phase of US involvement in the Second Gulf War – “Operation Desert Shield” – with a mandate to deter Iraqi incursions into Saudi Arabia, had begun.

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Compelling Developments in Iran’s Election Protests

July 7, 2009


Just as the street protests in Iran begin to die down in the face of ruthless suppression by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, a new and potentially significant step in the disputed election saga is underway. Representatives of the Assembly of Seminary  Scholars – a pro reform clerical group based in the city of Qom – have openly defied the authority of the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei – Iran’s supreme leader – and declared the election results illegitimate. Coming as it does just days after Iran’s Guardian Council – the legislative body of Iran’s government – officially certified the election in Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s favour, the announcement represents an unprecedented challenge to the Iranian government’s authority from the nation’s influential clerical class.

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