Made on the Other Side: Gomorra Review

July 3, 2009

Gomorra Review

Just when you thought that gangster movies were all played out, Matteo Garrone’s grim and gritty Gomorra comes along and revitalises the stuttering genre. Based on Roberto Saviano’s non fiction best seller, Gomorra loosely chronicles five intersecting stories in modern day Napoli, one of Europe’s most violent cities and home to the notorious Camorra, Italy’s most venerable crime syndicate.

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Impossibly Cool: Le Samourai Review

July 1, 2009

Le Samourai

Jean-Pierre Melville’s ultra stylish 1967 noir thriller is not as well recognised as it ought to be these days. The cult movie maxims that were codified in Le Samourai and then imitated in the dozens of hipster crime flicks that followed are now better known than the film itself. Yet Le Samourai is a great film in its own right, an elegantly constructed masterpiece of understatement and efficiency; pure movie expressionism distilled down to its most quintessential elements. The influence it wields over an entire generation of modern film-makers, who strain after its effortlessly detached sense of movie cool, has been incalculable.

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